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CMIT Solutions of Hartford, Connecticut

IT Support for Lawyers, Attorneys & Law Firms in Connecticut

While every industry is presented with its own distinct challenges, none are quite as demanding as those emanating from the modern-day attorney’s office. Technology is constantly evolving, and with every innovation comes a new way for the legal industry to streamline their daily operations.

Unfortunately, the more technology progresses, so does the knowledge of hackers on an international scale. The unpredictable nature of an attorney’s work requires uncompromised security and accessibility when it comes to your computers, systems, filing cabinets and just about everything else.

But that’s not all. Both human error and natural disasters can wreak havoc on your business, and you never know when the unthinkable might creep into your office. In today’s world, being prepared 24/7, 365 should be non-negotiable.

IT Support for Legal Services in CT

We’ve heard your calls for superior data management software and unparalleled encryption to turn your every IT challenge into an evergreen solution. Our professional, seasoned team are at your immediate disposal to assist with:

  • Instant, intuitive access to tax information –present and past.
  • Additional encryption to adhere to industry-standards regulations
  • Reliable backups
  • Recovery plans for peace of mind
  • Risk assessments
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Incident Management Programs
  • Education & Training
  • Comprehensive Testing
  • Employee Reassessment
  • Auditable Planning

While security is without a doubt the most vital need to attend to, we understand that there are a multitude of other aspects in your business that call for superior management from IT professionals, leaving you to shift your focus to what matters the most – running your business with uncompromised peace of mind.

It is for this reason that we do our due diligence to ensure that your efforts continuously align with industry regulations – day in and day out. Life happens. VPNs fail. Emails seem to vanish into thin air. That’s why you need assistance that is human-error-resistant, keeping your reputation safe and ensuring that you can access what you need, when you need it – minus the undesired hiccups.

You see, we’re so much more than just IT experts. We understand the legal industry, and the specific IT requirements it needs fulfilled. We’ve dedicated our careers to working with clients from every corner of your industry, and we have a vision of working with you to guarantee your IT problems never put your next big case in danger.

Choose CMIT for Connecticut IT Support for Lawyers and Attorneys

Give us a call or send us a mail today to find out more about what we can do for your firm. We look forward to working with you, and taking your firm to the next level of security and reliability.

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