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IT Support for Accounting, CPA & Bookkeeping Firms in Connecticut

As technology continues to become an integral part of the accounting and bookkeeping process, having up-to-date systems to successfully handle client financials is essential. Many CPA firms do not have in-house IT support, and can run the risk of having a breach of the sensitive data kept in the office. In scenarios like this, considering the services of an outsourced IT firm is key.

Why Outsourced IT Support For Your Accounting Firm?

An outsourced IT firm provides a broad range of services that go beyond the normal day-to-day operations of an accounting firm. There are regulatory compliance standards that must be met, and an outsourced firm will be able to keep up with these measures and ensure your systems are compliant.  Here are additional reasons why this is a good idea:

Monitoring and Maintenance

An outsourced firm monitors the systems and is alerted when there are issues. They have capabilities that go beyond standard rebooting of systems and will be able to systematically update your systems when needed. The IT firm will also be able to manage your risk, handling your security measures, backup and recovery.

Reduced Labor Expenses

It can be very expensive to maintain an in-house IT staff. An outsourced IT firm can implement cloud and other business services that will cut costs while delivering what the firm needs.

Certified Staff

An outsourced IT staff will deliver trained, experienced and certified staff to handle your IT needs. When dealing with financials, this is an important element to making sure your data is safe.


An outsourced IT firm provides a higher level of efficiency. Not having guidance from an IT person can be costly, as current staff may not know or understand what the company needs, and may spend excessive on a system that will not do the job.


When you have a new system, being able to successfully transition to the system without disrupting your data is important. An outsourced IT firm will be able to recommend, design, implement and train your people the right way.

Increased Competitiveness

Having the services of an IT firm at your disposal can also help you increase productivity and your business. Many smaller companies do not have the capabilities of big business, but an outsourced firm can open the doors with scaled models that will allow smaller firms to use the same software and services, giving them a level playing field in the industry.

CMIT is the go-to IT Support firm in Connecticut that can assist in taking your CPA, accounting & bookkeeping firms to the next level. For comprehensive IT support for accounting, contact the team at CMIT today!

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