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Choosing an IT Consulting Firm in Connecticut
The entire state of Connecticut is a close knit business community where everyone knows everyone else. This puts a very real pressure on companies to perform at their best at all times. Your IT firm... more
Tips on Hiring a GREAT IT Consulting Firm
Just about every business needs the help of an IT specialist to help them in the area of technology. However, not every business has the resources or the desire to hire an entire IT department. One way... more
The LATEST Windows 10 Update News
If you were considering upgrading to Windows 10 in the future, Microsoft has taken a step to make the process even easier. The upgrade is now included as “recommended” update in the Windows Update of... more
Apple’s Web Crawler: AppleBot
Tech savvy individuals have probably already heard the rumors about Apple’s new web crawler, AppleBot. It’s finally making its debate after everyone so patiently waited for. However, this was first developed back on October 15th... more
10 IT Security Tips for your Small Business
Data breaches hitting big brands have become more frequent news stories over the years. As a small business, you may feel like your company won’t be a target, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Small... more
WordPress Security Flaw: XSS Vulnerability Affecting Multiple WordPress Plugins
The security research firm Sucuri and a team of WordPress developers have discovered a crucial flaw that can potentially put thousands if not millions of websites at risk. The flaw they discovered resided in the... more
Windows 10, What You Need to Know
Microsoft’s next major operating system update isn’t just your typical upgrade, it’ll come with a host of changes that will make it either useless or renders users speechless. The Redmond-based software giant made some mistakes... more
How to Know When to Outsource IT
If you run or work for a small business, you’re probably used to doing most things yourself. Many businesses try to manage as many things as possible in-house. For many businesses, however, outsourcing IT services can... more
Protect Your WordPress Site from the SoakSoak malware Attack
In mid-December 2014, it became abundantly clear that something was going on with websites that were using the CMS, WordPress. Google blacklisted more than ten thousands sites in conjunction with a new string of malware... more
Tips for Online Holiday Shopping
The holidays are one of the most popular times for online shopping. Online shopping can be a great way to find deals, save time, and find unique gifts for loved ones. However, it can also... more
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