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CMIT Solutions of Greater Oakland County


Stuart Feravich is the President of CMIT Solutions of Greater Oakland County.

Stuart has been leading technology adoption before graduating Ferris Status University in 1984. He thrives on identifying technical solutions to meet the stated goals and objectives where innovation is needed to facilitate a paradigm shift in direction. Stuart is equally at home establishing wholly new programs, extending concepts into new markets, or transitioning large established organizations to the latest methodologies

Jason Cutsinger is the Chief Executive Officer of CMIT Solutions of Greater Oakland County. He has been advising customers who are facing technology decisions for nearly two decades. He has an unending passion for customer experience and success, and draws energy from it. Jason believes that fixating on technology doesn’t help businesses adapt to change, rather technology should be more like oxygen; necessary and ubiquitous, but invisible.  The primary business of small businesses is business, not technology.

Jason has spent most of his career serving large corporations across many industries including health care, finance, and government, legal, manufacturing and retail.  Additionally Jason has advised clients to ensure technology critical to the business performs well and is stable and reliable for its users.

Now Jason has been bringing that passion and experience to small businesses. While he believes that technology should be invisible, he knows it can help all businesses grow.  He knows that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” and that businesses need what is best for them, not anyone else.




Jason Cutsinger