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CMIT Solutions of Fort Lauderdale Downtown

What We Do

Proactive IT support and maintenance: Our CMIT Marathon preventative maintenance service provides flat rate, round-the-clock maintenance and monitoring of your network and computers. We provide and manage everything needed to keep your business network productive and protected.

Remote data backup, disaster recovery, & business continuity: Our CMIT Guardian remote backup and disaster recovery services protect your business from those unexpected losses and down time caused by Mother Nature, or human nature. We can set you up with on-site backups, remote backups, or a backup server in case yours goes out of commission.

Email security and protection: Our CMIT Anti-Spam service keeps the annoying bad stuff out of your Inbox, and protects your Outbox from being hijacked and getting you Blacklisted. RADAR archiving saves your email, for as long as you want, even if you delete it from your computer. And email Encryption protects you from liability associated with sending private information over public email networks.

Printer Management: Keeping all those printers printing can cost you a small fortune. With CMIT Print, we monitor the daily usage of your printers and show you exactly how much money you can save on cartridges, paper, energy and service.

Cloud Computing: Our CMIT Anywhere cloud based services can provide anytime, anywhere access to your business information and resources. From hosting your email to putting your entire network in the cloud, we can help you decide if the cloud is right for you.

Hardware and software purchasing: CMIT Solutions is a Dell Premier Partner, the highest level of Dell partnership that you can attain. We have Dell support, services and pricing available to us that most IT companies don’t have access to. For all the other hardware and software products you need, we have accounts with major distributors across the country, and we can set you up with unique leasing programs to help with cash flow.

Mobile Device Consulting: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is invading businesses everywhere. Employees are walking in the door with the latest smart phones and tablet devices, and they want to use them to conduct their work and stay connected to the business. Sounds good, right? Well, as a business owner, do you REALLY understand what that means and the liabilities it brings? Our Mobility consulting service and Mobility Acceptable Use Policy protect your business from the downside of BYOD.

VoIP Telephone Service: With CMIT Voice, we provide a hosted VoIP telephone service that provides the easiest way for your business to take advantage of the convenience and benefits VoIP provides for your business and customers.

Video Conferencing and collaboration: Whether it’s telecommuting employees, working with vendors, or presenting to clients and prospects, you can visually stay in touch with people wherever they are. CMIT Impression allows you to make a BIG impression on them all with a 55” touch screen monitor and HD video conferencing. It allows everyone to present, annotate and collaborate on a giant tablet whether the meeting participants are in the room or connected from around the world.

1451 W Cypress Creek Rd. Suite 300
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Call Us: 786-217-6737
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