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CMIT Solutions of Fairfax

How to Get Started

1)    We want to meet you and listen to what you and your business need from your technology investment

2)   Within a few days after we meet, our team will create a specific proposal for your business, one designed to meet all your needs.

(Sometimes we have to share that CMIT isn’t a match for your business needs.  And we will thank you for your time with us and wish you the very best.)

3)  We ask that you review that proposal carefully and let us know how you want to proceed.

We hope that this sounds like a simple and productive process to you.  The CMIT Solutions Fairfax team wants to create that perfect match where we can provide you with our expertise and experience, and you never have to worry about IT support again.

Call us now at the local phone number on this page!

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We will get back to you promptly and schedule a time to connect with you.

The most frequent question on a future client’s mind is “How much does it cost?”  We really want to answer that for you.  But we have found that we figure it out in Step 2 above.  Since every business is different, we have to start at Step 1 before we know a fair price for the services that are the best fit for you.

9695 Main Street, Suite A
Fairfax, VA 22031
Call Us: 703-455-2648
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