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Virus Protection

The CMIT team is passionate about all things IT, but our techs especially enjoy learning about new viruses and ways to defend against them. With the recent hacks in large companies such as Target, Yahoo, Ashley Madison, and iCloud, businesses started to realize the importance of having reliable virus protection. Small and medium sized businesses should take special precautions because they often don’t have a big enough IT staff devoted to constantly monitoring and protecting critical data. This makes them highly vulnerable and it is estimated that more than 40% of cyber-attacks target small businesses.

Network security is a complicated process and it is best to trust this task to an expert. Besides requiring strong passwords and preventing downloads, there are multiple other steps to creating a secure environment. It is imperative that businesses have proper antivirus procedures in place to protect the sensitive data of their business practices as well as their customers’ private data. Not only do some industries have strict regulations regarding this protection which can punished with large fines and strict penalties, but some studies estimate that 60% of small companies that suffer an attack are out of business within 6 months.

Companies should trust reputable business antivirus providers to monitor their systems 24/7 and constantly update their defense to adapt to changes in technologies.  Even things that seem simple, such as updating your software to the newest version, can have a large effect on the security of not only that software, but also your documents and even your entire network. It is imperative that you train your staff to recognize the danger in emails from unknown contacts, websites that have the appearance of legitimate businesses, and most forms of downloads.

However, even with the most stringent security measures in place, today’s technology is so advanced that no one is 100% protected. In the case of an emergency, it is important for you to have a proper backup in place. Many businesses chose to backup their data through the cloud, which allows them to trust an outside provider with the time commitment and responsibility of security. Although some providers will be able to perform virus removal, having a cloud backup will allow a restoration of your data, to the state it was in before the virus was deployed. Depending on the cloud storage you employ, this restoration can include software, applications, or an entire infrastructure. This version can be quickly accessed through any internet connected device.

If you are ready to protect your business against the many threats against your critical data, give us a call today. Our team is well versed in the many benefits of cloud solutions which can increase protection and provide a reliable backup. We also have the capabilities to develop a comprehensive defense against viruses and to educate you and your team on the proper security measures to employ. Give us a call today to get started!

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