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Vendor Management

Not only does your business’ IT infrastructure have a significant impact on your business’ operations, but it also represents a large part of your budget. With so many outsourced IT solutions available, it can be hard to choose the best provider and manage that relationship closely enough to ensure their success and performance. Your business can trust the CMIT of Everett team to provide professional and profitable IT Vendor Management services that will exceed its expectations.

No matter how many years you have worked with your current outsourced IT solutions provider, or how much trust you have in them, it is critical to analyze your relationships frequently. It is important to measure the performance of each company you trust with the responsibility of IT and to frequently communicate your business’ goals or struggles with them. Not only the business itself be inspected, but also the agreement between your company and an outside business. It is critical to have policies in place that will protect your business from suffering theft or other breaches that outsourced vendors can cause.

We know the challenges that small to medium sized businesses face because we are a small business ourselves. You can trust our experienced team members to keep your business’ best interests in mind and create relationships that will be affordable and high-performing. This will ensure your technology is being leveraged to create the most efficient and secure environment. Our team can manage all of the communications with your vendors including payment, billing, updates and more.  This includes coordinating the efforts of multiple technology vendors to deliver the full business value.

CMIT of Everett’s mission is to provide the very best IT support for our clients, advising and helping to grow their businesses by providing sound technology infrastructure that anchors productivity. We aim to take over the responsibility of managing IT by helping to ensure the success of our partners’ outsourced providers. If you are interested in speaking with us to learn more about how we will work to give your company a more accountable, effective relationship with your outsourced IT companies, contact us today!

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