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Business Continuity Plan

Has your business considered what it would do in the case of a tornado tearing down your business, a hacker compromising your system, or an uneducated user deleting important data? Some studies say that downtime costs small businesses almost $9,000 per hour and that if data is lost for 10 days, the business has a 93% chance of bankruptcy. That is why CMIT of Everett offers business continuity services that help our clients prepare for and defend against these threats.

Thorough Analysis

We begin our process by performing a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure and practices. Once we have an idea of what needs improvement, we will assess your current recovery plan to determine how prepared your business would be in case of an emergency.  After assessing each of these aspects, we will educate your team on some of the weaknesses we found in our search as well as those that are typical of your industry. Our team will discuss the possible effects of these weaknesses and common threats which often include downtime, lost revenue, and the eventual closing of the business.

Disaster Recovery Plan

After we have performed a complete analysis, our experienced team will begin work on creating a disaster recovery plan. We strive to produce plans that address each flaw and potential threat while remaining affordable and easily implementable. Most of our clients implement cloud solutions which allow for applications, software, or even entire networks to be easily accessed by any internet connected device. Other common recommendations include employee education, network security procedures, and anti-virus software.


We will work alongside your team to implement these new practices and procedures with as little down time as possible. Not only can we educate your team but we can also provide managed services to provide proactive defense. Our work doesn’t stop there: we want to ensure our clients long term protection which requires additional testing. We will continue to perform a variety of tests in order to ensure our work was done correctly and will continue to update our defenses to accommodate for advances in technology.

You can trust our experienced team to provide comprehensive business continuity plans that will better protect your business from the multitude of threats it faces. We have had the pleasure of working with a variety of business sizes and industries and we understand that each business has unique needs. If you are interested in learning more about this process or are ready to get started protecting your business, contact us today!

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