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CMIT Solutions of East and West Nassau

Business Continuity and Disaster Planning

Can Your Business Survive A Disruption?

You don’t need to have a Hurricane Sandy-type of disaster to experience a serious disruption to your business. A small fire in an office building can trip the sprinkler system, effectively destroying all of your computer equipment. A blizzard can make it impossible for you and your key employees to get to your office. Can your business survive a small disruption? What if it lasted for days? How much revenue will be lost?

Business Continuity is about planning for the unexpected. It is about having a comprehensive picture of your business and mapping out the steps to take to assure your business continues to run when the unexpected happens. A business continuity plan can include temporary office space, alternate means of phone and internet access, and ways in which key employees can remotely work together. CMIT Solutions of East and West Nassau has a wealth of experience preparing for the unexpected. They will perform a complete technology review of your business. The business continuity plan will identify key products and services that are needed to keep things running.

Are you ready to prepare for the unexpected? Call CMIT Solutions of East and West Nassau at 516-986-1884 to schedule an onsite consultation.

What Our Clients Say

“We brought CMIT on board as our IT Solution Provider and as part of our support plan, installed a BDR (backup disaster recovery) unit. Good thing too. We thought we took the necessary precautions before Hurricane Irene made landfall here on Long Island, by ‘safely’ shutting down all of our servers that Friday afternoon. Even though our file server was off during the storm and subsequent power outage, something happened that rendered it incapable of restarting. We called CMIT that morning and within a couple of hours, our technician appeared on site and brought up the BDR ‘virtual’ file server, allowing us to keep working as if nothing happened.” — Joshua Mass, Executive VP, Elite Foodservice Equipment

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