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For many businesses, changing how their IT is supported is a big deal.  You may not be happy with what you have now but it is familiar and you are hopeful that things will get better.  We understand completely!  Change is hard.

However in the 21st Century, your business technology effectiveness is imperative to your success.  Lots of money may be leaking from your profits.  Lots of time could be wasted.  Lots of customer responsiveness can be lost.  And lots of your critical business data might be at risk.

The Top Five (5) Reasons Why Our Current Clients Chose to Upgrade to the Completely Managed Information Technology (CMIT) Solution:

You are most likely here now because you are not completely satisfied with your current IT support situation.

If you have already committed to changing to something better, visit our Get Started page.

And the Top Five Reasons are…

5. Locally Owned Maryland IT Support backed by a National Network of Managed IT Service Providers Throughout The United States and Canada

How does your current IT support resource keep up with all the changes occurring with business technology?  What happens when they get “stumped” with a problem or issue that they have never seen?  If your current IT support “guy” suddenly went away, would your business be negatively impacted?  Our clients love that CMIT Solutions of Columbia is owned and operated by Tom Burtzlaff.  They know that they can call Tom or the Local Team anytime and they will come running.  But they also know that behind the CMIT Columbia team there are over a hundred other CMIT offices and a Headquarters team staying at the forefront of all things technology for the small and medium business market.  Across North America, thousands and thousands of businesses, just like yours, are being cared for by CMIT Solutions.

4. Flat Rate Predictable “No Surprises” Pricing

Do you dread seeing your current IT support invoice because you have no idea how much you are going have to pay?  Our clients hate “surprises” in their businesses.  With CMIT Solutions, they know exactly how much they will pay each month.  Plus, if there is an extra project that is needed, our clients pre-approve the project scope and price.  Predictable cash flow makes our clients smile!

3. 24/7/365 Proactive Support

If your business depends on a single technical person or two, what happens at night or on weekends?  Does your current IT resource guarantee their response time to you?  Do they currently just react to IT issues?  Our clients are pleased knowing that CMIT’s Network Operations Center is “always open” and working for them.  We are proactively anticipating and preventing issues.  Our friendly US based Help Desk answers questions whenever your employees call for assistance.

2. We take the pain of dealing with vendors like Verizon and Comcast off of your hands

Why do some people who work for technical vendors seem to speak a different language and often make you feel inferior and frustrated?  Our clients really enjoy having CMIT speak for them.  And since we speak “geek”, when needed, things get done faster and easier.


And finally, the #1 reason why our customers changed to CMIT Solutions…

1. The Support Our Local SuperStar Technical Team Provides Your Employees When They Need It

Do you enjoy interacting with your current IT support resource?  Do they make you feel special?  Has your current support person ever frustrated you by responding too late?  Our clients love our local SuperStar technical team because our team is made up of real people who really enjoy helping others, and just happen to be experts in every kind of business technology that you can think of.  Our team stays working on our client’s problems until they are fixed and not coming back.  Who wouldn’t want that?

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