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Client Testimonials

CMIT Solutions provides top notch products and services guaranteed. Since day one they have been a value added part of our business. Consider it like insurance, once you get a virus, the responsiveness the CMIT Solutions team provides to fix the problem is worth more than the small monthly maintenance cost – way more! Just like the tax code and payroll regulations, the computer world is ever changing, so unless you can afford to keep up with all of the changes in technology and the viruses out there leave it to the professionals at CMIT Solutions!

  • Sharon L. Zavalanski, CPA


We looked at other providers that offered cheaper services but they were much less personal, too corporate, and that just did not fit with our business model. Chris’ team at CMIT Solutions provides reliable LOCAL service and support. But one of the main reasons we chose CMIT Solutions was because they are HIPAA compliant and protection of our client’s information is critical! Too frequently we hear stories in the news about how millions of personal records have been compromised. Any company in our industry that holds any client information, especially PHI or credit card information that could be used for identity theft, NEEDS to make sure they work with CMIT Solutions (a HIPAA compliant service provider).

  • Osnat Ehrman, Director of Clinical Operations, NotalVision


We are a very small company but it doesn’t matter if you have 5 computers or 50; bringing CMIT Solutions on board for support is well worth the investment. We need to be proactive instead of reactive, we just cannot afford to wait until a “spark turns into a fire!” A lot of other IT companies are available only from 8am to 5pm and they may be cheaper but this lower price does not help when you are in your office at 5:05pm on a Friday and have something that has to go out before you can leave for the weekend. I will also add that Chris and his team at CMIT go above and beyond when I have needed them and this includes weekends and evenings. To me…being able to rely on this type of service is PRICELESS!

  • Kim Rosenberry, OPENonline


CMIT Solutions did an excellent upgrading our network, including installing a firewall and new WiFi access points throughout our offices. They provided a very reasonable written estimate and explanation up-front, and worked with us to be sure the new network configuration would meet our needs. Their technician was prompt, polite, did an excellent job setting everything up. We’re very pleased to have selected CMIT for our IT needs and will definitely call on them again.

  • Art Hansen, Puckett & Associates Marketing


CMIT embodies “you get what you pay for”. They are knowledgeable, professional, and probably most importantly, accessible when we need them. They have been very responsive to our needs and we have never experience the extremely frustrating wait times or “run around” that we have experience in the past with other providers. CMIT is certainly worth their prices.

  • Pam Reynolds, President, Allegiance Home Care


We found CMIT to be very reasonably priced. In fact, we didn’t come across any cut rate providers. Almost everyone else we talked to either had a $1K monthly minimum or just gave us an hourly rate. Honestly, it’s all about seamless support for us. We don’t have resources in-house to deal with anything malicious that pops up. I think about this like insurance – you don’t need it until you need it. At the end of the day, CMIT pricing was attractive to us so we didn’t see this portion as something incremental that would save us much. Chris and his team have been very responsive to any issues or help requests, so we’re happy.

  • Dan Lin, VP Asset Management, Excel Group


Our company absolutely relies on our network and internet reliability.  Our business system is now hosted on the cloud, and CMIT helped us move our e-mail service to the cloud. Our main server was out of date and CMIT provided a new Dell server, setting it up very quickly, for a much lower price that what was quoted from the other company.  CMIT’s monitoring has caught a couple of problems that were already being addressed by the time we got to the office the next morning.  We take credit cards for the majority of our business; therefore, the security of our system is extremely important.  As cyber-attacks, spam, and viruses become more prevalent, having the up to date virus and spam protection by CMIT keeps us running much more smoothly. When we do have an issue CMIT responds quickly and resolves the issues in a timely matter. I have been very pleased with the service and highly recommend Chris Albright and CMIT Solutions.

  • Carl Parcell, AmeriSys, Inc.


During my many years in the field as a sales person I often came up against the price issue. I would outline the following to my clients: you are not just buying flooring, you are also paying for the services connected to this sale. For example, are you not concerned with the quality of person who will be coming into your home seeing your family your possessions etc, in other words having access to your privacy. This is not the time to go chasing around to save a few dollars. Having done my due diligence I came to the conclusion that CMIT offered me the same kind of service we give to our clients and was supported by yourself who’s background was impressive.

  • Ray Halpern, Affordable Carpet & Flooring
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