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IT Support in Fanwood, New Jersey

Nestled between the boroughs of Plainfield and Scotch Plains, NJ, Fanwood is a tiny town with humongous character. Although the population of Fanwood is roughly 7,300 people, they are creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. A wonderful example of this was seen when Fanwood received the 2014 New Jersey Future Smart Growth Award for the blueprint the townspeople had made for building up the downtown area. As a result of this plan, numerous small businesses have gained a recognizable amount of success and reputation.

After all, one of the greatest things about Fanwood is the view the local government and citizens share: that businesses play a vital role in the overall development of the community. Without active businesses run by reliable, innovative people, Fanwood would never have gained the momentum it has.

So many business have come to Fanwood since the renewal of the downtown section, that major updates in the area’s Informational Technology department has also been incorporated. That much is evident when you see the number of events posted on Fanwood’s social media page. As a small or mid-sized business owner, you obviously want the same kind of exposure! Not only that, you want to know you are holding strong against your downtown competitors and are safe from any security issues that may arise.

You obviously have a vision as an entrepreneur trying to build from the ground up in Fanwood, NJ. You choose the fertile ground of this tiny town for a reason—because you believed in the potential of Fanwood’s economic growth, welcoming environment, and engaging public events. Though Fanwood is mainly a commuter town, with many people leaving throughout the day to work in the major cities nearby, you have adapted your business to that schedule.

Now, as Information Technology becomes more and more integrated into owning a business, you need to continue evolving to stay on top. That is where CMIT Solutions of Central Union County wants to extending a helping hand in your direction.

Starting up and maintaining a small business in up-and-coming districts like Fanwood can be a challenge. You might find yourself struggling with these common issues:

  • Integration Mayhem – Are you still using Windows XP to run your business? Fanwood is growing. Obsolete software and technologies will bog you down.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Issues – Power outages, server crashes, and even accidentally deleted files can truly be disasters for a small business that doesn’t have the proper IT support.
  • Minimal Security Coverage – You might that that just because Fanwood is small, you don’t have to worry about anyone tracking and hacking your computer. The World Wide Web is huge, and as long as you have web traffic, you need enterprise-level security.
  • Lack of IT Infrastructure – Growth is not solely reliant on the physical effort put out by you and the other employees. Without a strategy for growing both in business and in IT fails to keep the pace of a rapidly advancing market. This is crucial if you plan on staying a part of Fanwood Downtown for years to come.

So how does CMIT Solutions of Central Union County aid you in your endeavors? The expert team of CMIT Solutions has the experience needed to tackle these listed issues and more! Do not just wait until something breaks to enlist the help of an IT consultant.

CMIT Solution support goes well beyond repairing broken IT systems by offering the following:

  • Enterprise-level IT support, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year;
  • Information Technology management and archiving, so you can keep track of what matters most and retrieve that intel whenever you need it;
  • Computer maintenance to keep all your technology fine-tuned;
  • Keeping you in head of the competition by offering support and consultations;
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam software. Nothing hinders a rapidly growing business like useless mail, malign software threats, and infected data;
  • Hosted email, archiving and encryption for everyone within your business. Keep your discussions secure and tabulated, because communicating is essential!
  • Office 365 for productivity. The bonus cloud services increase the sharing and teamwork between employees. Plus, Office 365 features intuitive software to help you organize, calculate, create, and dominate;
  • Security assessments and implementation. Again, one of the major issues small business in small towns face is a lack of safeguards for their valuable data. Let CMIT Solutions provide detailed reports on where your security is strong and weak, so then you can get a 360-degree coverage;
  • Upgrading to a new storefront in the heart of Fanwood Downtown? Or perhaps opening another location farther out? Let us help! Not only does CMIT set-up hardware, we can assist in office moving, computer and network set-up. This allows you to get up and running in no time flat;
  • Disaster protection and backup. Fanwood has not had any major incidences for quite some time, but do not let your guard down. When mayhem strikes, CMIT Solutions will already have backed-up all your precious data, so you will not lose it.

Best of all: all of our services come at a flat monthly rate. We understand that starting up and staying in operation takes time, money, and patience. That’s why CMIT Solutions wishes to provide you with affordable, long term support.

Fanwood, NJ has potential, making it a wonderful place to start up or maintain a small or mid-sized business. There is no better time than now to make the invest that will keep your business evolving—the IT investment with CMIT Solutions of Central Union County. Do not let the small town setting limit your reach. With the appropriate IT support and consultation, your business can reach acclaim beyond imagination.

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