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CMIT Solutions of Central Orlando

Professional IT Services and IT Support

We work with business owners and managers to ensure uninterrupted operations, staff efficiency within set budget

Does any this sound familiar?

  • There are too many staff interruptions due to computer issues and they take too long to resolve
  • Our technology team is not in tune with company’s strategic goals
  • Our technology team does not communicate well
  • Our technology team does not provide periodic updates to our executive team
  • We do not have reliable IT budget and projections for coming quarters and years
  • Our technology team is not a driver of our infrastructure but an order taker
  • We do not have a disaster recovery plan and I am concerned that we will have to scramble in case of significant outage
  • I am not sure if our IT dollars are spent efficiently
  • Our staff is reluctant to engage our technology team. They waste their time trying to deal with issues on their own
  • We have to deal with dozens of technology vendors and providers on our own

Our goal is long term mutually beneficial business with our clients. Consistency and quality of the service are of the outmost importance. We offer unconditional 100% money back guarantee on our service - industry unmatched.

Expert IT Consulting

We work with IT Directors and IT Managers to provide project management and implementation and support ongoing operations

  • Information technology consulting
  • Project management and implementation
  • System analysis, design, integration and implementation

Our areas of expertise include


Mike Sabitov, President

424 E Central Blvd #505, Orlando, FL 32801

Call Us: 407-512-5786
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