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Cyber Security

In today’s technology environment cyber security should be of utmost concern to every business owner.  At CMIT Solutions our team of technical experts can create a cyber security solution to help your business be secure.

Do You Speak ‘Cyber Security’?

Human intruders and Spybots hack networks, computers and data. Ransomware infections can occur just by visiting some websites – no ‘clicks’ needed! And malware and viruses infect networks through e-mails and their attachments.

Because there are multi-level threats, CMIT Solutions protects our clients with multi-layer security designed to minimize the possibility of hacking or virus infection. How?

1. ALWAYS include an automatic data backup solution.

2. Install separate anti-virus and anti-malware software.

3. Strongly consider deploying internet content filtering on your network.

4. Receive automatic anti-virus and security patch updates from CMIT’s
Marathon managed services program. This is especially critical for IT
Security Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FINRA, and others).

5. Update firewall firmware regularly.

6. Require regular network vulnerability testing.

7. Most importantly, train all users to be careful and to use common sense.
– Use Passwords and change them frequently.
– Know the sender of emails and attachments that they open.
– Contact their IT professionals (e.g. CMIT) when they are unsure.

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