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CMIT Solutions of Central Bucks

A Smooth Transition from Kip Lynch to Richard Zweig at CMIT Solutions of Central Bucks

RichardZweig blendedRichard Zweig took the reins at CMIT Solutions of Central Bucks after over a decade managing and supporting corporate IT networks and systems on Wall Street. Richard explains how he got his start in IT:

“Back when I was an environmental consultant, I somehow ended up doing IT support for the company, managing the computers and the network, in addition to my day job. I liked the technology work, and decided to do that full time. So, I worked two-jobs and went to school in the evening which led me to working in the high-paced, high stress world of Wall Street IT, becoming a VP and a Managing Director, wrangling a documented process out of  “Wild West” tech environments.

“However, I was helping people doing arcane financial deals, and I couldn’t see how I was directly helping people to grow their business. So I started my CMIT consultancy to have a direct impact on small businesses, where I’d be working directly with the owners and I’d be able to see the results on the faces of real people. As a small business owner myself, I know the stress of having every buck stop with you, having to juggle multiple responsibilities that you simply can’t do in 24 hours, and trying to have fun and a life at the same time.”

Richard takes over from longtime owner Kip Lynch, who wanted to put his PhD to use in teaching.

To make the transition seamless for customers, Richard and Kip worked side by side for several weeks to make sure Richard was familiar with all the customers and that customers were familiar with him. “It’s nice to get to do an organized, smooth transition,” said Richard. “I still aim for Kip’s goal of ‘Help Someone Today’, and I want to keep building on the foundation that Kip created for helping businesses in Bucks County use IT with maximum effectiveness and minimum frustration.”

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