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Remote Backup & Disaster Data Recovery


We offer unbeatable data recovery protection including:

– Disaster Data Recovery Plan

– Data Recovery Support, Maintenance, and Testing

– Configurable Backup Frequency on Schedule

– Support for a wide range of data types

– 24 x 7 Technical Support

– Military-Grade 256-bit data encryption

– Emergency Server Virtualization

– Data Archiving

CMIT Boston Cambridge uses a simple, secure, and safe way to protect your data and your business from catastrophe.

By complying with national security standards, our data backup services platform – CMIT Guardian – protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

HIPPA Compliant Managed Services

Your backups and data are encrypted and transmitted over a secure network connection to a state-of-the-art offsite storage facility. This data center is SSAE 16 SOC II Compliant, PCI-DSS V2.0 and HIPAA Compliant – meaning your data is stored in an enterprise-class facility which is audited to assure compliance with national security standards.

By answering the following three questions, together we can craft a secure solution that meets your business’ exact needs:

  • How frequently should we “snapshot” your data? This is your Data Recovery Point. Asked another way, how much data are you willing to lose – a day, an hour, ten minutes?
  • How long can your business run without your data? This is your Data Recovery Time. You tell us when you need to be back up and running and we recover your data and systems within this time – no exceptions.
  • How much data do you have to protect? Consider all of your systems and applications. You want to protect all of the data your business needs to operate.

With these three answers, CMIT Boston Cambridge will select the appropriate technology components for your business.

Contact us to discuss your remote backup and disaster data recovery assessment.

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