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Visual Collaboration

What happens when a group of cancer researchers in San Diego wants to collaborate with another group of researchers in Baltimore? When you’re fighting cancer, you can’t afford to waste a day on an airplane. Visual collaboration is the ticket to productivity. But what if you need more than a simple webcam or talking head? What if you want to draw pictures in real-time? Update complex visual models? Who gets to hold the magic marker?

CMIT Impression is a visual collaboration system that inspires creativity, communication, and excellence. With a CMIT Impressions station in each location, our cancer researchers collaborate in real-time, and each site has equal access to the magic markers. Participants can view presentations, models, and diagrams — or, at any moment, turn the display screen into a whiteboard, capture the latest thought and share it immediately.

When you want to eliminate all barriers to communication and innovation, let us show you the Impression CMIT can make.

CMIT Impression – Visual Collaboration Made Easy from CMIT Solutions on Vimeo.