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The Only Internal IT Help Desk Software Solution Linked Directly to CMIT Solutions.

CMIT Service Center is a powerful, hosted help desk software service and ticket management system your business can use to manage internal IT service issues. It provides your IT team with a fully-integrated platform for accepting, triaging, assigning and resolving service issues - and gives your employees a simple, web-interface for submitting issues and tracking progress. But, what separates CMIT Service Center from every other internal help desk software system is the direct link to CMIT Solutions. That’s why CMIT Service Center is the world’s first ‘Co-Managed Service Desk’.

CMIT Service Center gives you complete control over what issues get sent to CMIT Solutions and when. Individual tickets can be automatically routed using the powerful built-in workflow automation engine or manually escalated. Either way, you’re virtually guaranteed immediate access to additional IT resources - where and when you need them - without managing multiple vendors or adding to your headcount. With CMIT Service Center you will:

  • Improve internal IT service delivery
  • Provide just-in-time access to needed resources
  • Ensure coverage for remote offices and employees
  • Reduce complexity and costs of multiple vendors

CMIT Service Center Features

  • World-class Help Desk Software your staff can use to create, manage and resolve all your IT service issues
  • Web-Based Employee Access Portal giving your employees the ability to submit and track service requests, and more
  • Unlimited Flexibility to Share Service Requests with your outside IT service provider, manually or automatically, according to the workflow rules and priorities you define
  • Powerful Workflow Automation Engine to speed service, eliminate redundancy and increase accountability
  • Comprehensive Service-Activity Reports

CMIT Service Center Benefits

  • Coverage outside of your normal business hours
  • Access to reliable experts and resource when you need them
  • Added manpower during peak demand or to help with complex issue 
  • Secure “institutional IT knowledge” that otherwise resides with individuals
  • Ability to provide on-site support to remote offices and employees

Your IT systems are the backbone of your business. Don’t go IT alone!

From email, telecommunications, client and product databases, to desktop software and network servers, your entire organization relies on your internal IT department to keep you up and running - every hour of every day. CMIT Service Center’s unique, co-managed platform provides unlimited options for sharing and coordinating workflow between your internal and external IT support resources to ensure there’s never a gap in your coverage.

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In Their Words

"CMIT is helping us "mint" more money.  CMIT came on board with all new computers on May 24th.  After they installed the computers, it was an overnight success.  The very next day after the computers were installed, we saw a 20% spike in sales.  In June, we still saw a big increase, and the reason why that increase is there is thanks to CMIT. I called my call-center manager...