Cloud Computing

Anytime, Anywhere Access to your Business Computing.Upgrade to the cloud today with one of the premier cloud computing companies for small businesses CMIT solutions.

There are many cloud computing companies out there that are built for big business. Here at CMIT solutions, our cloud computing systems are tailored for the needs of your small business.

Consumers have recently been deluged with talk of “The Cloud.” Nearly everything one reads about the subject talks of a mass movement to this new and exciting realm, but explanations as to what the realm really is tend to raise just as many questions as they purport to answer. What is it? Where is it?

The reality is that cloud computing isn't new. It’s been around a long time, and nearly all of us have accessed data or applications that reside in the cloud such as Gmail, Facebook apps, or Google Docs. We just might not have always realized it. However, the cloud offers far more than mere photo-sharing apps or document backups. One can do just about anything (and more!) that one could accomplish on a traditional network or server/client environment.

The cloud brings you:

  • Lower cost to try / buy new solutions
  • Better security (possibly)
  • More mobility
  • Faster scalability

From cloud applications like Hosted Exchange to on premise cloud solutions, CMIT has the options and is the leader among cloud computing companies.  Contact us to find out what benefits moving to the cloud might provide for your business.

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In Their Words

"We pride ourselves that we are the company that gives instant customer service. We were getting to a point where it was extremely difficult, and we didn't want to lose our customer base. We wanted to also expand. I said, 'I need somebody to do something to allow us to be the company that we started out to be and to continue and to grow.' CMIT has helped us to do just that.   "