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CMIT Solutions of North Raleigh is the small business IT support and IT services company for Crabtree Valley, Five Points, NC State University, North Hills, and Raleigh.

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Emory Simmons

With 35 years of experience in providing technical solutions to a diverse range of businesses, Emory believes technology ia a valuable resource that improves productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness. He accomplishes this not just by resolving problems that cause pain and frustration, but by clearing up their root causes and proactively developing strategies to address business problems.

With valuable experience in larger enterprises such as Wachovia, Bank of America, and Digital Equipment Corporation, Emory's mission is to bring many of the enterprise level solutions to the small buiness arena. As a Certified Information Systems Security professional since 2004 and  background as a PMI certified project manager, he has a strong foundation of expertise in IT consulting, project management, and network security. As he provides a full range of IT services to the Raleigh area, Emory is dedicated to making your business run better by understanding both your business and technology needs. His engineers are your team - providing IT support, Managed Services, Network Security, Data Backup, and Data Recovery.

Emory reflects, "We began with the intent and desire to assist businesses locally, but having the support of a national network has enabled us to grow in North Caroina and even across the country. Our project management team, combined with our remote managed services ability, our help desk, and strong industry partnerships make CMIT Solutions of North Raleigh a valuable partner for the small business who relies heavily on technology or want a professional team without the overhead of staff on site.

Our Core Values:

Customer Delight

We strive to bring delight to our clients through exceeding their expectations in all aspects of our service.


We are dedicated to the watchful oversight of our client’s technology as an important investment due respect and fostering to its fullest potential.


We endeavor to both listen well to gain understanding and to communicate with accuracy, clarity, and timeliness.

Disciplined Approach

We are committed to systems thinking in our approach to problem solving.


We promote the continuous learning which leads to professional development and personal growth.


We are devoted to rendering some useful assistance to every person or business we meet, no matter how brief the encounter.


Member of:

Carolina IT professionals



Chinese computer hardware giant Lenovo has had a rough couple of weeks. First, reports emerged about some of the company’s consumer notebooks, which since September 2014 have come pre-loaded with Superfish, a third-party adware that...


Earlier this month, an online data breach at Anthem Inc., the second-largest health insurance provider in North America, exposed the medical information, Social Security...


Remember the old days, when “educational technology” meant fancy pencil sharpeners and clunky overhead projectors? Times have drastically changed, as any visit to a school will reveal. Students use iPads at their...


In late January, the FBI and the Internet Crime Complaint Center released a public service announcement about the recent proliferation of Business Email...


Mobility routinely tops the list of hot trends upending the IT industry. At a certain point, however, we should probably...

"For our [clinical research facility], it was better to have a preventive plan in place so that if something did break, we would be ahead of it, and it wouldn’t break instead of waiting for something to happen and then fix it. So, now CMIT is monitoring everything, and we haven’t had any issues so they can catch the problem before it even happens. "
"CMIT is all about peace of mind, and literally, it doesn't cost you anything because you are saving the money on me working on the computer when I'm losing business. In today's economy, you don't want to be late sending bills out, you've got to be out there because if you start falling behind you're going to see the amount of income drop dramatically. So, Greg and CMIT make us look more...
"Whereas our systems were originally only getting backed up on a monthly basis, CMIT was able to come in and now they are automatically backed up to the server. We had a center in the DFW area that did lose everything. They made a phone call to CMIT, and CMIT was able to restore their data within a couple of hours. We’re monitored on a 24/7 basis, so even if there was something that were to...
"The way CMIT does business is just much more suitable for our type of business environment. We have deadlines and critical schedules to meet, and we need to be moving forward at all times. CMIT provides data on a monthly basis, which allows us to look at trends and be proactive with our decisions and our methods for improving our system. Every time my system improves, that means my efficiency...
"CMIT dealt with my local backup needs so that if I just need to get one specific piece of information, they can actually do it remotely from their office and get my people back and going. If I do have a catastrophic disaster that takes my entire building, I have laptops and everything else that I can have up immediately. I can use my web-based information storage and be back up and running...
"We pride ourselves that we are the company that gives instant customer service. We were getting to a point where it was extremely difficult, and we didn't want to lose our customer base. We wanted to also expand. I said, 'I need somebody to do something to allow us to be the company that we started out to be and to continue and to grow.' CMIT has helped us to do just that.   "
"Since partnering with CMIT, I can now not worry about whether or not my computers are working. I've got backups, monitoring, I can get reports, and I know where I'm having risks and threats. I now can rely on my IT people (CMIT) to take care of my IT problems and to keep that IT system up and running in an appropriate manner. That is something before I couldn't rely on. I now have a system!...
"We didn’t initiate offsite backups in the beginning, but with the start of the hurricane season we said, 'OK guys, we now have this wonderful system, but it's not really complete yet.' We're now able to back up our data, it's safely transported and stored offsite, and it’s all HIPAA compliant. And the NAS device can actually work as our server so we can continue to use our systems and do...
"With other IT service providers, we felt that we only got assistance when we requested it, and we normally came up with any ideas for improvements on our system rather than them. I was not impressed with the service, the communication or the end product at that point. Our experience has really set CMIT and Sue and John who run the show for them here apart from the others. They are more...
"We use large aerial imagery that can sometimes be 30 or 40 GB in size. There would be times that I would wait 30 seconds to a minute and a half for an image to appear. CMIT Solutions helped us rehabilitate the computers on hand, put in a network infrastructure, and put in faster switches. Now, it can be instantaneous to 15 seconds for a map to load. I kind of feel like I'm spoiled!   "

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