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CMIT Solutions is the small business computer support, IT services, and IT support company for Erie PA. We specialize in providing IT consulting services focusing on helping clients close the gap between the current state of their IT environment to their desired state—a secure, productive and effective IT computing environment.

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Providing IT consulting, IT support and computer support for small businesses in Erie

CMIT Solutions of Erie provides information technology (IT) services, computer support, and IT consulting to small and mid-sized businesses in the Erie PA area. Whether it's a 5 person single location office or a 100 person firm with multiple locations, our highly skilled technical team works with the client for a solution that makes good business sense.

Our mission is to help our clients build their organizational capacity using technology in a sustainable way.  Our philosophy is that technology is merely a tool; a means to an end. Our business is to provide the right tools to run your business, as well as ensure they perform at peak efficiency every minute of every day. We provide managed IT services that keep your business running while you run your business.

Our focus at CMIT Solutions of Erie is on client satisfaction.  We are dedicated to establishing long-term partnerships with a high level of commitment to our clients rather than just performing one-time projects.  Our managed IT services programs provide the framework needed to build lasting relationships. 


About the Owner
Beth Burnside

Beth Burnside is convinced that there is a better way to serve businesses and organizations in the Erie area that are becoming increasingly dependent on technology, as she has personally struggled with finding an outsourced IT services provider that could be a true business advisor for a family business interest she has in the Erie area. A complete understanding of a client’s business and its goals and objectives is necessary to guide them in the most efficient use of the information technology available to them. Beth is committed to being a trusted resource and IT solution provider for local Erie businesses so they can get the computer and network support they need to help them remain competitive in their fields. The increasing complexity of managing network security, data backup, and data recovery has only added to the reasons for involving a qualified team of IT consulting professionals who understand your business to ensure you are best managing the challenges that technology can bring to your business. 

Beth’s multi-faceted career in both large enterprise and small company environments has led her to the firm belief in the need for smaller businesses to ensure they are using technology to maximize efficiency, increase productivity, increase revenue and reduce costs. The proper use of outsourced IT services is critical for the success of small to mid-sized businesses in today's marketplace.  Beth has worked in marketing, sales, purchasing, human resources, accounting, and finance and holds an MBA from the Pennsylvania State University. She has used her experience in corporate America coupled with her experience running smaller businesses and has gathered a team of local Erie IT consulting professionals dedicated to being “your technology team” so that clients can focus on their business while CMIT Solutions of Erie focuses on their technology.
Associations and Community Involvement in and around Erie, Pennsylvania
CMIT Solutions of Erie and our staffers are proud members of the following organizations:

Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership
Manufacturers’ and Business Association of NW Pennsylvania
Athena PowerLink Mentor
Advanced Athena PowerLink
Erie Day School Board of Trustees
UPMC Hamot Board of Directors 
Hamot Health Foundation Board of Directors
Hamot Health Foundation Board of Corporators


About CMIT Solutions, Inc.

CMIT Solutions is a nationwide provider of information technology (IT) services and solutions for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). With more than 800 consultants and technicians, CMIT has expertise in nearly all technologies and industries. Founded in 1996 in Austin, TX, CMIT Solutions, Inc. has grown into the leading IT solution provider for SMBs. With over 10 years of experience and strong industry partnerships, CMIT Solutions is capable of providing enterprise-level services and products that were previously unavailable to the SMB market. We are a local company with the support of a national network behind us. We focus on making your business run better by understanding your business and technology needs.


Events Featuring Beth Burnside from CMIT Solutions

A great time was had by all at The Women's Roundtable monthly gathering on March 22nd that included a session by Beth Burnside entitled, "Tech Tips and Tricks That Have Kept Me Sane"

An interactive discussion was had surrounding this theme:

In today's busy world, it's hard to confront our challenges and opportunities WITHOUT using technology as an aid. Come get practical advice about simple tools and technologies that you can use to maximize your productivity and better manage your life. You don't have to be a techno-geek to benefit from all the tools at your fingertips...

Visit the Women's Roundtable web site for more information about this wonderful organization:

Workshops and Seminars

Here's a sampling of other workshops and seminars CMIT Solutions of Erie offers:

  • Deadliest Backup Mistakes
  • Dispelling the Hype Around Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing 101
  • Technology Tips and Tricks on a Shoestring Budget
  • Regain Control Over Your Inbox (email management)
  • Maximizing Your Operations with Technology
  • Maximizing Technology to Ease Budget Woes
  • IT Challenges in the (Medical/Legal/Accounting/Finance) Practice
  • Tech Tips and Tricks That Have Kept Me Sane- a real crowd pleaser!

*Please contact us at 814.806.2637 to learn more about how we can bring these timely topics to your organization

What We Do For Our Clients

Proactive IT support and maintenance: Our CMIT Marathon preventative maintenance service provides flat rate, round-the-clock maintenance and monitoring of your network and computers. We provide and manage everything needed to keep your business network productive and protected.

Remote data backup, disaster recovery, & business continuity: Our CMIT Guardian remote backup and disaster recovery services protect your business from those unexpected losses and down time caused by Mother Nature, or human nature. We can set you up with on-site backups, remote backups, or a backup server in case yours goes out of commission.

Email security and protection: Our CMIT Anti-Spam service keeps the annoying bad stuff out of your Inbox, and protects your Outbox from being hijacked and getting you Blacklisted. RADAR archiving saves your email, for as long as you want, even if you delete it from your computer. And email Encryption protects you from liability associated with sending private information over public email networks.

Cloud Computing: Our CMIT Anywhere cloud based services can provide anytime, anywhere access to your business information and resources. From hosting your email to putting your entire network in the cloud, we can help you decide if the cloud is right for you.

Hardware and software purchasing: CMIT Solutions is a Dell Premier Partner, the highest level of Dell partnership that you can attain. We have Dell support, services and pricing available to us that most IT companies don’t have access to. For all the other hardware and software products you need, we have accounts with major distributors across the country, and we can set you up with unique leasing programs to help with cash flow.

Mobile Device Consulting: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is invading businesses everywhere. Employees are walking in the door with the latest smart phones and tablet devices, and they want to use them to conduct their work and stay connected to the business. Sounds good, right? Well, as a business owner, do you REALLY understand what that means and the liabilities it brings? Our Mobility consulting service and Mobility Acceptable Use Policy protect your business from the downside of BYOD.

VoIP Telephone Service: With CMIT Voice, we provide a hosted VoIP telephone service that provides the easiest way for your business to take advantage of the convenience and benefits VoIP provides for your business and customers.

Video Conferencing and collaboration: Whether it’s telecommuting employees, working with vendors, or presenting to clients and prospects, you can visually stay in touch with people wherever they are. CMIT Impression allows you to make a BIG impression on them all with a 55” touch screen monitor and HD video conferencing. It allows everyone to present, annotate and collaborate on a giant tablet whether the meeting participants are in the room or connected from around the world.

  • Friday, February 8, 2013

    Although CMIT Solutions of Erie has been educated, trained, certified and compliant with HIPAA and HITECH regulation, from the attached news article it appears that other IT support providers are completely unaware of their responsibilities when it comes to servicing their healthcare and/or Business Associate clients. 

  • Thursday, January 24, 2013

    Beth Burnside of CMIT Solutions of Erie has earned the HIPAA Security and Compliance Professional certification by 4Med+, an industry leader in Healthcare Technology Training and Certifications.  The EMRApproved medical and technical advisory boards reviewed course requirements for this CHSP designation which focuses on the topics of regulation and requirements in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  Detailed lessons covering the privacy and security rules map to the regulatory requirements for Business Associates, IT Professional and Medical Staff Manage

  • Sunday, January 20, 2013

    CMIT Solutions of Erie continues to invest in training and education that helps its clients remain competitive and compliant in their respective industries. The most recent certification of Healthcare Information Technology Consultant earned by Justin Lopatynski focuses on the technology environment needed to support EMR/EHR initiatives, the associated workflows, maintaining compliancy, as well as specifics of successful service and support structures to keep healthcare practices operating at peak efficiency.

  • Wednesday, December 5, 2012

    Beth Burnside has completed the Erie Ambassador program sponsored by the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership.  The graduation ceremony was held at the Regional Cancer Center and is the capstone of the nine week program that teaches participants about the Erie region's assets and stress the culture, history and resources unique to our area.  This graduating class of 28 is the largest so far in the history of the program's 10 years.  The format of this fantastic program is a series of field trips to interesting places where you get a behind the scenes look

  • Tuesday, June 5, 2012

    CMIT Solutions of Erie is honored to be one of the inaugural recipients of a Wallerstein Grant from The Women's Roundtable.  A $2000 training grant was awarded to Beth Burnside at the WRT annual meeting held June 5th at the Erie Yacht Club.  The event also honored the life and legacy of founding member, Diane DeLuca-Thompson, who passed away last month.

  • Friday, April 20, 2012


    As of April 4, 2012, CompTIA MSP Partners has certified CMIT Solutions of Erie with its MSP Partner Trustmark Certification, which recognizes companies that use industry-accepted best practice for service delivery and customer interaction.

    CMIT Solutions of Erie is the second CMIT franchise to earn the certification from CompTIA, a non-profit trade group that seeks to bolster the information technology industry worldwide by providing education and credentials for IT workers and companies.

  • Friday, July 22, 2011

    CMIT Solutions of Erie saw top-line revenue growth of 50% over the past 12 months and more than doubled net income as well as becoming officially debt-free.  Beth Burnside says she is proud that these accomplishments were coupled with delivering superior service to clients, as measure by satisfaction surveys.  CMIT Solutions of Erie had a very swift ramp-up as a new company in late 2007 and is now well-poised to deliver high-quality service while continuing to experience explosive growth, according to Burnside.

  • Monday, May 30, 2011

    CMIT Solutions (CMIT), the nation’s leading provider of information technology (IT) professional services and products to small businesses, named Beth Burnside, owner of CMIT Solutions of Erie, the recipient of its prestigious 2011 All-Star Award at the company’s annual convention held in Austin, Texas.

  • Monday, May 30, 2011

    The 2011 Celebration of Excellence event hosted by the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership served as the venue to unveil and recognize the 2011 ATHENA PowerLink recipients, of which CMIT Solutions of Erie is proud to be a part.

    Since 1999, the ATHENA PowerLink Program has been helping women-owned businesses expand profitably through the use of professional advisory panels. 

  • Tuesday, August 26, 2014
    Money, the nation's top personal finance publication, recently spotlighted Tom Burtzlaff, owner of CMIT Solutions of Columbia (Maryland), for his impressive quick launch of a high-performing small business.
    Plus, Burtzlaff's early successes have now paid off in several ways. In addition to his office, Burtzlaff is also an area developer covering the entire D.C. region.

Chinese computer hardware giant Lenovo has had a rough couple of weeks. First, reports emerged about some of the company’s consumer notebooks, which since September 2014 have come pre-loaded with Superfish, a third-party adware that...


Earlier this month, an online data breach at Anthem Inc., the second-largest health insurance provider in North America, exposed the medical information, Social Security...


Remember the old days, when “educational technology” meant fancy pencil sharpeners and clunky overhead projectors? Times have drastically changed, as any visit to a school will reveal. Students use iPads at their...


In late January, the FBI and the Internet Crime Complaint Center released a public service announcement about the recent proliferation of Business Email...


Mobility routinely tops the list of hot trends upending the IT industry. At a certain point, however, we should probably...

"If you’ve ever wondered how big a difference CMIT Solutions can make for a small business, here’s a case study: LuAnn Gossett used to consider computers a necessary evil. As administrative assistant for the Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA, Gossett spent about 30 percent of her time troubleshooting computer problems in the 40-person office. Email would be out. Computers wouldn’t...
"CMIT is excellent; they do excellent work for us. CMIT is efficient-- they are on top of everything and aren’t just plugging holes or solving issues as they arise-- they are preventing them from happening in the first place. They are also an industrious and competent business. They are strong and communicative as well. I have no issues with getting in touch with them and their service is great...
"Beth is our IT person and tells us what we should upgrade and how our system is doing twenty four hours a day. If it wasn’t monitored around the clock we would have no idea if something was going haywire.They also have personality and professionalism. Justin has never made me feel stupid with whatever problem I have. They are always there for you and that is important to have that relationship...
"Beth and Justin are consummate. It’s great working with them because they put their IT terms into lay-men terms for me and make it easier to understand. They are also on our beck and call which is really important for us. I will continue to use them because of their good work. I feel like I’m in good hands with CMIT. I certainly appreciate their personal touch. We don’t have funding for an IT...
"We’re a small family-owned manufacturing business and when I started working here we had one computer and two typewriters. I knew a little about computers and felt we needed to become more technologically advanced, so I became the IT guy. Suddenly we have to network another computer and another one and another one and it just got to a point where I was in over my head. It was too much for me to...
"Our clients might not perceive this, but Coventina Day Spa is highly dependent on our business technology to ensure we deliver the highest quality spa experience.  If we lost access to our appointment scheduling system, not only would we lose the ability to immediately schedule new appointments, we would have clients walking in the door and we would not know what services they were to...
"Beth is a very energetic person and she's brought a lot of good ideas to us, because she looks at computer problems from a business as well as a technical perspective, she's able to think outside the box and comes to me with innovative new ideas. She listens very well, and she's asked us some pointed questions, and she's come up with a couple of very creative solutions for us. Many outsourced...
"So at one point in history, your backup may be reliable and up-to-date, but with the information being so critical and with it changing literally thousands of times a day, having that backup through the Guardian system, almost a minute-by-minute backup, makes me feel very confident that the information, if we ever had a disaster here, if we had a fire, a tornado, or something of that disastrous...
"For our [clinical research facility], it was better to have a preventive plan in place so that if something did break, we would be ahead of it, and it wouldn’t break instead of waiting for something to happen and then fix it. So, now CMIT is monitoring everything, and we haven’t had any issues so they can catch the problem before it even happens. "
"CMIT is all about peace of mind, and literally, it doesn't cost you anything because you are saving the money on me working on the computer when I'm losing business. In today's economy, you don't want to be late sending bills out, you've got to be out there because if you start falling behind you're going to see the amount of income drop dramatically. So, Greg and CMIT make us look more...

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