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Welcome to QuickTips, the blog that helps small business owners stay up to date on the latest technology trends, security find useful information, advice, insights, resources and inspiration for running and growing their businesses.

Adobe Flash Exploit Highlights the Need for Strong Network Security
Earlier this year, flaws were discovered in Adobe Flash Player that could allow malicious banner ads running on legitimate websites to infect unwitting computer users.These “malvertising” exploits have been shown to produce a variety of... more
10 Ways to Get The Most Out of Microsoft Outlook
For many business owners and employees, Microsoft Outlook rules our day. We open it first thing in the morning to check and respond to waiting emails. We skim our calendars every hour to make sure... more
How To Keep Your Business Safe from Data Breaches
A month after Anthem announced that the personal information of 80 million people was breached, Seattle-area health care company Premera Blue Cross revealed that more than 11 million of its customers were similarly exposed. The... more
5 Statistics and 5 Strategies to Consider on World Backup Day 2015
Tuesday, March 31st is World Backup Day, which provides the perfect opportunity to take a serious look at the state of your systems. Is your backup drive located next to your computer? Are you entrusting your critical... more
10 Tips and Tricks to Liven Up Your Next PowerPoint Presentation
Like its Word and Excel partners in the Microsoft Office productivity suite, PowerPoint is ubiquitous. As of 2012,Bloomberg Business estimated that the slide presentation software claims 95% of market share, with installations on more than... more
Why HIPAA-Compliant IT Support Is Critical for Business Success
No matter what business you’re in, information and technology management is important for success. But in the health-care realm, the ability to keep data safe and secure is even more paramount. That’s because government regulations... more
5 Tips and Tricks to Supercharge your Everyday Use of Microsoft Windows
The Microsoft Windows landscape is scheduled to change again in mid to late 2015, when Windows 10 will be released. That may excite some early adopters who love to have the latest and greatest operating... more
How to Transform Lenovo’s Recent Struggles into a Positive for Your Business
Chinese computer hardware giant Lenovo has had a rough couple of weeks. First, reports emerged about some of the company’s consumer notebooks, which since September 2014 have come pre-loaded with Superfish, a third-party adware that... more
Recent Health Insurance Hack Highlights Need for Data Encryption and Security
Earlier this month, an online data breach at Anthem Inc., the second-largest health insurance provider in North America, exposed the medical information, Social Security numbers, and email addresses of over 80 million consumers.No definitive answer... more
5 Ways Technology Is Changing Education for the Better
Remember the old days, when “educational technology” meant fancy pencil sharpeners and clunky overhead projectors? Times have drastically changed, as any visit to a school will reveal. Students use iPads at their desks. Automated tutoring... more
5 Ways to Protect Your Business Email from Cybercriminal Attacks
In late January, the FBI and the Internet Crime Complaint Center released a public service announcement about the recent proliferation of Business Email Compromise (BEC). Defined by the FBI as a “sophisticated global scam targeting... more
How Mobility Is Making Work Better And Easier For Small Businesses
Mobility routinely tops the list of hot trends upending the IT industry. At a certain point, however, we should probably upgrade mobility from a trend to the small business status quo — because today, who... more
5 Ways to Secure Your Data and Protect Your Privacy Online
Data Privacy Day is celebrated each January 28th by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), which leads an international effort that focuses on “respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust.” Studies of North American consumers show that... more
5 Reasons Why Businesses Need to Migrate Off Windows Server 2003
Remember the build-up last year for the death of Windows XP? A similar scenario will play out in 2015, as Microsoft announced in November that it would end support for Windows Server 2003 and Server... more
How Proactive IT Services Can Help Improve Your Business’ Security
If 2014 was “The Year of the Breach,” with a whopping 43% of North American firms telling the Ponemon Institute that they experienced a hack in 2014, then what lies ahead in 2015 for technology... more