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Welcome to QuickTips, the blog that helps small business owners stay up to date on the latest technology trends, security find useful information, advice, insights, resources and inspiration for running and growing their businesses.

5 Reasons Why File Sync and Share Is Critical for Business Success
In today’s digital world, file sync and share options are everywhere — even if we don’t always know what they are. Consider how essential it is for you and your employees to have the ability... more
Why Protecting Your Business From Cyber Crime Is More Important Than You Think
We’ve all heard the horror stories about cyberattacks: CryptoLocker virus, spearfishing, data breaches. What do all of these nasty things have in common? They can cost businesses big money if not properly guarded against.Here’s another... more
10 Ways to Become a Spreadsheet Pro by Making Microsoft Excel Work Smarter and Faster
For years, Microsoft Excel has represented the gold standard when it comes to spreadsheet software. Although firm market share figures specific to Excel use are hard to come by, Microsoft Office, the productivity suite in... more
How to Avoid 5 Major Security Risks that Could Affect Your Business
In today’s modern workplace, technology is the number one driver of innovation and efficiency. But without reliable IT support, technology can also represent the number one threat to your business’ security. That’s why we’ve identified five... more
5 Must-Ask Questions When You’ve Outgrown Your Current IT Provider
Picture this: you’ve been stuck in IT limbo for years. Relying on friends to get new technology up and running. Tasking a key employee with maintaining systems (in addition to fulfilling their other responsibilities). Perhaps... more
Jumpstart Your Daily Routine By Organizing Your Desktop
With the back to school frenzy behind us and a change of seasons on the horizon, there’s no better time to give your work life a reboot. And believe it or not, technology can play... more
Malware Exploits Increase Need for Layered Network Security
A new wrinkle in the ongoing battle against malware exploits emerged last month, when security reports from Kaspersky Lab and Symantec revealed a hacking group responsible for targeted attacks on Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft... more
5 Tips For Smart and Safe Use Of Back-To-School Technology
It’s an indisputable fact that kids are obsessed with technology. Look around next time you’re in a public place and you’ll see younger children playing games and watching movies on tablets, while older teens are... more
Top 5 Features of Windows 10 (And 1 Big Reason to Wait Before Upgrading)
On July 29th, Microsoft launched Windows 10 to the general public. The operating system’s debut generated a lot of buzz, with many tech experts hailing it as a return to Windows’ classic form (see the... more
How To Avoid The Latest Spearfishing Email Scheme
Last month, we wrote about an FBI report that warned businesses to look out for an email scheme targeting executives and financial employees. But in recent weeks, these efforts, dubbed “spearfishing” by security experts, have... more
10 Tips for Revving Up Your Use of Microsoft Outlook
Although firm numbers are hard to come by, Microsoft estimated in 2014 that more than 500 million people currently use Outlook, its flagship email program. Microsoft Exchange Server accounts for a similar number of business... more
3 Important Facts About Cell Phones, Telemarketers, And The Federal Do Not Call List
Every year, emails and Facebook posts circulate about how telemarketers are about to gain access to cell-phone numbers and start inundating us with cold calls. Scientific and anecdotal evidence does tell us that sales calls... more
Technology Driving You Crazy? We Understand — And We Can Help
Computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers, servers… We can’t live without them, right? But they sure are notorious for causing major headaches.Perhaps you heard about the 37-year-old Colorado Springs man who took his malfunctioning desktop out... more
How Old Are Your Passwords? 5 Smart Strategies for Password Security
In a recent Dell Power More article, results of an online survey revealed that half of all passwords were more than five years old. The report, which was commissioned by TeleSign and conducted by Lawless... more
5 Ways to Declare Independence from IT Stress this 4th of July
Before we fire up the grill and light off the fireworks this weekend, let’s remember that the 4th of July is all about celebrating the resolve of our founding fathers, who declared independence from Britain... more