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Free Windows 10 Upgrade Offer Ends on July 29th — But is it Worth It?
Last year, when Microsoft released Windows 10, it also announced an unprecedented opportunity to upgrade for free — but for only one year. And that anniversary falls on July 29th. Like all free offers, though,... more
Fake Social Media Friend Requests Represent Latest Ploy by Scammers
Received any questionable friend requests on Facebook or LinkedIn recently? Use caution before you click “Accept” — we have seen a recent uptick in reports of requests, many of which are sure to come from... more
Struggling to Catch Up After the Holiday Weekend? Here are 5 Ways to Get Focused and Motivated
Feeling the drag today as you return to work after the 4th of July weekend? You’re not alone. Studies show that workplace productivity craters immediately after a holiday — and that workplace productivity can drop... more
Surge of Password Resets Shines a Light on the Need for Stronger Online Security
Have you heard about the wave of recent automatic password resets announced by tech companies and services like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Netflix, MySpace, LogMeIn, GitHub, and GoToMyPC? In the last two months alone, some... more
Improve Microsoft Outlook Performance with These Archiving Tips
If you’re a Microsoft Outlook user — and market share statistics indicate that at least 20% of you are — you probably know the feeling: the program freezes up every time you start it. Basic... more
3 Ways to Protect Yourself from the 2016 Tide of Ransomware
If 2013 went down in IT history as the year of the data breach, then 2016 will always be remembered as the year of ransomware. In February, a Southern California hospital was forced to negotiate... more
10 Strategies for Supercharging Your Next PowerPoint Slideshow
So you have to give a PowerPoint presentation — time to stop worrying and start planning. Although many of us dread the time and effort required to build a good slideshow (and get downright anxious... more
LinkedIn Revelations Highlight the Need for Stronger Network Security
  Last week, LinkedIn made a surprising announcement: data from a security breach that occurred at the social networking company in 2012 just now became available online — four years after that fact! Luckily, the... more
4 Crucial Disaster Prep Tips with Storm Season Right Around the Corner
Starting June 1st, hurricane season is officially upon us. For those that live far from the East or Gulf Coasts, remember that you’re not out of harm’s way, either — severe storms have plagued the... more
Consumer-Grade Data Storage Products Prove That Free Isn’t Always Cheap Enough
Last week, Microsoft announced that it was changing the amount of free storage available through its OneDrive cloud offering from 15 GB to 5 GB. In addition, OneDrive will discontinue its 15 GB camera roll... more
ADA sends out USB drives infected with Malware
If you work in a dentist office, pay attention to your mail — last week, the American Dental Association sent 37,000 malware-infected USB drives to its members. The drive arrived in a credit card-shaped form... more
Social Engineering Rears Its Ugly Head Again — Here’s How to Avoid It
The passing last week of international musical icon Prince marks a sad moment for the American arts. But it also poses a serious risk to computer users: when a celebrity death of this magnitude occurs,... more
New Vulnerabilities Announced after Apple Ends Support for QuickTime for Windows
Last week, Apple announced that it would no longer issue security updates or conduct software development for QuickTime for Windows, one of the most common video players around. The announcement came without warning after TrendMicro... more
Recent Severe Weather Highlights the Need for Solid Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
With spring in full swing, severe weather has become the norm across much of North America. Heavy rains across whole swaths of the Plains, major flooding and large hail in Texas, wildfires in Kansas and... more
What Do New Windows 7 Guidelines from Microsoft Mean for Your Business?
Last week, Microsoft announced new plans to extend support for Windows 7 operating systems on certain Intel processors until 2018. But the flip side of that announcement was a quieter alert that major PC producers... more