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Welcome to QuickTips, the blog that helps small business owners stay up to date on the latest technology trends, security find useful information, advice, insights, resources and inspiration for running and growing their businesses.

Overwhelmed with Emails this Week? Here Are 5 Easily Implemented Productivity Boosts
For millions of workers, Cyber Monday unfolded something like this: you show up to work energized by a few days off and ready to tackle the new week’s obstacles, only to be confronted by an... more
Yes, Technology Can Benefit Everyone on Thanksgiving — Here Are Our Favorite 6 Strategies
Only a couple of days are left until that most American of holidays, Thanksgiving, when friends and family gather to feast and give thanks for all that we are blessed with in life. The one... more
This Holiday Shopping Season, Beware of Fake Apps and Other Fraudulent Schemes
We’re less than one week away from the biggest shopping weekend of the entire year — and you’ve probably noticed how many early Black Friday deals are already on offer. But for the many consumers... more
New Adobe Flash Exploits Highlight the Need for Multi-Layered Security
Last year, vulnerabilities associated with Adobe Flash Player led to malware infections delivered via banner ads running on legitimate websites. These “malvertising” exploits have proven to be quite prolific, spreading across the Internet — some... more
Thinking About a Hardware or Software Upgrade? Here Are a Few Things You Need to Know
Last week, the federal government announced a $3.1 billion IT Modernization Fund, intended to further beef up the United States’ cybersecurity by retiring, replacing, and modernizing many legacy systems. These systems have become increasingly expensive... more
Fed Up with Your Technology? 4 Ways to Put an End to IT Frustrations
Here’s an undeniable fact: properly functioning technology is one of the most important drivers of business success. If your computers are crashing, your servers aren’t working, your printers are jamming, and your mobile devices aren’t... more
Mobile Device Security is Critical (Especially in the Wake of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Issues)
If you pay attention to the news, by now you’ve certainly heard about the fiasco surrounding Samsung’s latest mobile device, the Galaxy Note 7. Yes, it’s a crazy scenario: more than a hundred of the... more
Last Call! Want to Purchase New Computers with Windows 7? Do it Before November 1st
Microsoft announced earlier this year that November 1st would serve as the final deadline for purchasing new PCs loaded with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. After that, all new PCs will be required to come... more
How to Keep Yourself Safe from Increasingly Sophisticated Forms of Ransomware
Today’s cyber threat landscape continues to evolve at an incredibly fast pace. So much so that even the best tools and policies are not always enough to protect your business and its data. Cybersecurity experts... more
Yahoo Hack Affects 500 Million Users in Largest Single-Company Data Compromise in History
Data breach announcements come and go with regularity these days. And password hacks happen so often we’ve become inured to the constant recommendations to “Change your password — and fast!” But it’s hard not to... more
Looking for a Boost? Try These 5 Fun and Useful Plug-Ins for Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook continues its reign as the top business email client in the land. In 2015, estimates say that more than 1.1 billion users were running the broader Microsoft Office software suite, with half of... more
Believe it or Not, Fantasy Football Can Pose a Serious Online Security Threat
*The image above is an example of how easy it is to download a virus through a free fantasy football website. The NFL season is back in action, and with it comes a surge in fantasy football participation... more
How Much Can a Fraudulent Attack Cost? For One Company, $44 Million
Last month, international corporation Leoni AG admitted something that no company ever wants to: they were fleeced out of $44 million. The cause of this massive mistake is a familiar one: business email compromise or “CEO... more
Weak Password = Data Breach? Why Password Security Is More Important Than Ever
In today’s digital world, password management isn’t just some abstract idea that might make your life easier. It’s a critical part of comprehensive security — passwords are often the first place that hackers look for... more
Severe Weather Highlights the Critical Need for Backup and Disaster Recovery Services
The 2016 hurricane season has been unusually quiet, but even without storms in the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico, natural disasters continue to wreak havoc across North America. Devastating floods in Louisiana damaged 40,000... more