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Welcome to QuickTips, the blog that helps small business owners stay up to date on the latest technology trends, security find useful information, advice, insights, resources and inspiration for running and growing their businesses.

5 Ways to Declare Independence from IT Stress this 4th of July
Before we fire up the grill and light off the fireworks this weekend, let’s remember that the 4th of July is all about celebrating the resolve of our founding fathers, who declared independence from Britain... more
Recent Canada-US Cybersecurity Partnership Highlights Benefits of IT Collaboration
Two weeks ago, Canada took part in trilateral talks with the United States and Mexico to discuss ways to strengthen cybersecurity ties between the three North American countries. The meeting, which took place as part... more
Getting Serious about Data Security in the Wake of US Government Breach
After a relatively quiet few months in the data breach world, June featured a surge in news surrounding the compromise of personal information. Relatively small breaches were reported in Texas, New Jersey, and a host... more
Recent Email Scheme Targets Business Executives and Financial Employees
Cyberattackers are adept at finding new ways to ply their nefarious trade — some of the more elaborate scams we’ve detailed over the years include fraudulent Microsoft support calls, health care enrollment phishing attempts, and... more
Only 5 Weeks Left Until the End of Support for Windows Server 2003
Back in January, we wrote about Windows Server 2003, which Microsoft will end support for in July 14th. Remember the build-up last year for the death of Windows XP? A similar scenario will play out... more
5 Strategies for Taking Disaster Preparedness Seriously
Hurricane season officially started on Monday, June 1st. And although the NOAA estimates that this year will be a slow one for tropical formation in the Atlantic Ocean, the occasion still highlights the importance of... more
What’s Behind the Recent Increase in Microsoft License Verification Requests?
Microsoft is not shy about nudging its business customers into the future. Whether it was the all-out blitz of last year’s death of Windows XP campaign, or this year’s ongoing effort to ease enterprises away from Windows Server... more
10 Strategies for Maximizing Your Use of Microsoft Word
The world’s most popular productivity suite, Microsoft Office, has been in the news lately, with the consumer preview of Office 2016 debuting last week. But before you get excited about that shiny new upgrade, which... more
Critical Technology Takeaways from Recent Severe Weather
Over the last few days, severe weather has struck much of the Midwestern United States, with devastating tornadoes sweeping through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Iowa, and Colorado. The Dakotas saw the heaviest May snowfall in... more
5 Tips for Beefing up the Security of Your Passwords
In last week’s QuickTip, we talked about PCI compliance and the importance of enacting more stringent security measures around credit card transactions. Guess what? Two days later, CNN Money reported that Trustwave examined 120 retailers nationwide and found... more
PCI Compliance — What Does it Mean for Your Business?
PCI compliance — sounds complicated, right? Here’s the most important thing to know on the topic: if your business accepts major credit cards as payment, you’re required to comply.Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB... more
Adobe Flash Exploit Highlights the Need for Strong Network Security
Earlier this year, flaws were discovered in Adobe Flash Player that could allow malicious banner ads running on legitimate websites to infect unwitting computer users.These “malvertising” exploits have been shown to produce a variety of... more
10 Ways to Get The Most Out of Microsoft Outlook
For many business owners and employees, Microsoft Outlook rules our day. We open it first thing in the morning to check and respond to waiting emails. We skim our calendars every hour to make sure... more
How To Keep Your Business Safe from Data Breaches
A month after Anthem announced that the personal information of 80 million people was breached, Seattle-area health care company Premera Blue Cross revealed that more than 11 million of its customers were similarly exposed. The... more
5 Statistics and 5 Strategies to Consider on World Backup Day 2015
Tuesday, March 31st is World Backup Day, which provides the perfect opportunity to take a serious look at the state of your systems. Is your backup drive located next to your computer? Are you entrusting your critical... more