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Welcome to QuickTips, the blog that helps small business owners stay up to date on the latest technology trends, security find useful information, advice, insights, resources and inspiration for running and growing their businesses.

Frustrated with Your Office Phones? VoIP Technology Can Help
Internet-enabled connectivity has enhanced nearly every aspect of our daily lives. And one area that’s enjoyed undeniable improvement is telephone communications, which have been revolutionized in recent years by VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol.... more
Top 10 Strategies for Maximizing Microsoft Office Productivity and Efficiency
Microsoft Office highlighted several technology news reports last week, when the world’s most popular productivity suite announced enhanced cloud storage integration, more online-co-authoring and editing options, and an expanded palette of apps available to Mac... more
How to Avoid Data Overages by Checking Your Smartphone Settings
Smartphone use shows no sign of slowing down — last April, the Pew Research Center estimated that 64% of American adults now own a smartphone, up from just 35% in 2011. And 10% of Americans... more
4 Ways to Protect Your Business from Malware and Ransomware
After lying relatively low for a few months, malware and ransomware have once again reared their ugly heads. Last week, Google removed more than a dozen malware-infected apps from its Google Play store. And variations... more
6 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Email Inbox
The email inbox — everybody uses it, everybody relies on it, and chances are most of us dread it. Especially after the New Year, when the holidays may have sapped our motivation to stay on... more
What You Need to Know about the End of Support for Older Versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer
The New Year provides the perfect opportunity to take stock of what’s important in your work life. In the small to medium-sized business world, technology routinely tops that list — you can’t work well without... more
CMIT Solutions’ Most Popular QuickTips of 2015 (Part 2)
2015 is almost a wrap. But before we dive in to the promising opportunities of 2016 and put the last 12 months behind us, let’s revisit the most popular QuickTips topics of 2015. CMIT Solutions... more
CMIT Solutions’ Most Popular QuickTips of 2015 (Part 1)
2015 is almost a wrap. But before we dive in to the promising opportunities of 2016 and put the last 12 months behind us, let’s revisit the most popular QuickTips topics of 2015. CMIT Solutions... more
Continued Push Toward Mobility Reflected in 2015 Holiday Shopping Statistics
> See a selection of our most popular QuickTips from this year <   Sometime in the near future, 2015 may go down as the year that Black Friday changed forever. And not just because... more
How Can You Satisfy the Emerging Need for Email Encryption?
In the early days of email, excited computer users embraced the new technology because of the freedom it entailed. You could say anything you wanted about any topic, at any length, and fire away. But... more
How to Maximize Time Management and Boost Productivity After a Long Holiday Weekend
Returning to work after a long holiday is never easy. On top of rediscovering day-to-day motivation in the wake of a relaxing weekend filled with Thanksgiving leftovers, chances are you had a few hundred (or... more
5 Strategies for Using Technology to Bring Family and Friends Together this Thanksgiving
More than any other American holiday, Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and friends — with the extra bonus of all that delicious food. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie… All of... more
CryptoWall Is Back — Here’s How to Keep Your Systems Safe and Your Data Secure
It’s been more than a year since the CryptoWall virus first started wreaking havoc in cyberspace, and two years since state, federal, and international authorities broke up the related CryptoLocker ring. But in recent weeks,... more
5 Smart Disaster Prep Tips To Consider With Winter On The Horizon
Yes, it might be a little early to start talking about cold weather and winter storms. But with the first widespread snowfall of the season affecting the Western United States last week, and a record-breaking... more
What the New Cybersecurity Bill Does (And Doesn’t Do) — Plus 4 Ways to Keep Your Systems Safe
Last week, the United States Senate passed the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act by an unusually bipartisan vote of 74 to 21. But tech experts have already said that CISA may be mostly ineffectual when it... more