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CMIT Solutions, Inc. (Completely Managed Information Technology), manages IT systems for small businesses, which increasingly depend on reliable technology to survive.

IT problems can wreck small businesses.

The aging server stashed in the closet can overheat and crash at any time. Hackers can hijack a company email system with an inadequate firewall. Computer viruses can destroy data and information, which is the lifeblood of any business. Production can grind to a halt when network problems occur.

The difficulties are multiplying. Surveys show that technology spending by small and medium-sized businesses has risen sharply in the last four years. Inclusion of mobile devices, unified communications tools, increased security demands, and governmental technology requirements for specific industries and those that serve them have increased the requirements to which SMBs must comply. But most small businesses haven’t adjusted fully to all of the changes, still depending on employees and individual vendors to fix their computer systems when they break.

Small businesses urgently need affordable, dependable IT support solutions, and that need will continue to grow.

CMIT Solutions has positioned itself to meet that need.

The CMIT System

We’re the leading provider of IT services for SMBs, particularly those that employ between five and 99 employees. CMIT Solutions operates on a managed services model that offers proactive outsourced IT services and management services at affordable, consistent monthly rates. Our subscription model allows small business owners to effectively budget and foresee IT expenses, saving them money and time in the long run.

CMIT Solutions offers these services through a nationwide system of more than 160 franchise units run by passionate and skilled local entrepreneurs. Local businesses simply do a better job of serving and building trust with our clients, as local small business owners like to do business with other small businesses in their community. Our franchisees are not just IT service providers but trusted professional advisors to their clients.

CMIT Solutions offers managed services packages ranging from 24/7 monitoring of servers and software to secure, off-site data storage, Help Desk support, telecommunications and voice services, managed print, and cloud computing, just to name a few. We provide our business owners with their own webpages, a network of knowledgeable partners, and powerful and flexible tools. Our business owners and headquarters staff have strong relationships with worldwide technology companies such as Dell, Microsoft, and Intuit, along with access to a team of skilled IT engineers at any time of day or night.

CMIT Solutions has unlocked a huge market with few competitors. We are the only franchise company that has figured out how to affordably offer small businesses the kind of IT service and support large ones enjoy.

The Vision

Our mission: To be recognized as the premier company providing information technology solutions worldwide

CMIT Solutions is a technology services company that utilizes a franchise model to work with small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). We provide access to trusted local business partners who offer solutions that improve clients’ profitability and efficiency through the use of technology. We strongly believe that fulfilling the needs of SMB clients is a professional service that requires local ownership, as local franchisees enhance business understanding and the level of client service. With our proven system and network of partners, franchisees provide enterprise-class technology management solutions to SMBs at a cost that they can afford. We have built our company on this foundation and have anchored it in a set of core beliefs, which are as follows:

We Believe:

  • In a foundation based on character and integrity
  • In a passionate commitment to our clients — all else is secondary
  • In being dedicated to continuous personal growth and professional development
  • In being devoted to one another, family, and community
  • In a spirit of fun and sense of humor being essential
  • In acknowledging this awesome responsibility and privilege

Company History

CMIT Solutions, Inc., has grown into the leading provider of it solutions for small businesses by recognizing demand, harnessing the power of local offices run by entrepreneurs, and always staying ahead of the game with the most current proven technology solutions.

We started in the 1990s as a small IT services company that helped people operate their home computers. The company began franchising in 1997 and quickly grew.

We soon saw that small businesses were attempting to adopt a range of technologies once available only to large companies. And when they failed, business owners fell back on expensive, inefficient “break-fix” solutions. They needed reliable, affordable, proactive IT help.

By 2002, small business, while making up only 20% of our customer base, accounted for 80% of our revenue. It was obvious which market offered the greatest opportunity, and in 2004, we formally changed our name to CMIT (Completely Managed Information Technology) Solutions, Inc.

Our President and CEO, Jeff Connally, a former IBM executive, joined our board in August 2005. A year later, Jeff became president and CEO, guiding a technology franchise company that’s expanded to more than 160 units run by 127 franchise partners. Our system is growing in both raw numbers and per-unit profit, and we’ve experienced double-digit same-office sales revenue increases for the past four years.

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